Boating Rules
Enforceable by State of Michigan and the Lenawee County Sheriffs Department
(Excerpts from materials provided at the 2007 Annual Meeting)

Requirements for Boats
Valid registration required
Life jacket (i.e., Personal Flotation Device - PFD) for every person onboard
Children under the age of 6 must wear a type I or type II PFD at all times
Fire extinguisher
One throwable PFD (cushion or ring)
No Wake Speed within 100 ft of a dock, raft or swim area
Waterskiing, wake-boarding, etc. must have an observer onboard the tow craft
Water craft except PWC are allowed from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset
Requirements for PWC (Personal Water Craft, i.e.,jet skis, wave runners, etc.)
Valid Registration required
Life vests must be worn
Must be 14 years or older, or 12-13 with a boating safety certificate, to be on a Personal Water Craft without an adult
No PWC allowed on lakes from 1 hour before sunset to 8 am.
Lanyard type engine shut off required to be attached to the driver or their clothing
An approved fire extinguisher must be on board
No wake speed within 150 ft of another vessel and within 100 ft of dock, raft or swim area.

Swim Platform Courtesy
In the areas of our lake where swim platforms are anchored far from shore, personal safety and boat navigation issues increase significantly. Many of our pontoon boat skippers have enjoyed cruising closer to the shoreline for many years, leaving the center of the lake for the water skiers and tube riders. Please anchor your swim platforms a REASONABLE distance from shore to avoid any safety issues that might arise. We all SHARE the lake, and you are legally responsible for any object you have moored or secured to the bottom of the lake.
If we're successful at policing ourselves and remain respectful and committed to sharing this beautiful natural resource with all our neighbors, there will be no need to seek relief elsewhere. Thanks!


Copyright 2011 Denise McMurray